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Want to join the exciting trend to use non-traditional spaces for the Arts? This session provides artists and event producers with insight into the most important questions to ask before presenting your visual or performing arts in an “alternative venue”.   You will learn ways to ensure that your chosen space is practical, serves your intended audience, and shows your artists in their best light- literally and figuratively!  Armed with these tips and tools, you will prevent snags, breathe easier, and pave a smooth way for your unique arts event.

Arts Anywhere!

A  Production Primer for Success in Alternative Venues

The Ultimate “Brain-Stretch” Workshop:

Unleash the components required for success in today’s world: out-of-the-box thinking,  mental agility, great communications skills, and a tenacious ability to cooperate, ...and do it in the most fun and engaging way possible:  IMPROV COMEDY!  Great for  everyone from sales rep to sculptor.  Your group will come together for this comedic, “brain-stretching”,  2-hour work-out, and leave with a creative jump-start that truly inspires and energizes. 

Improv Comedy and the Creative Spark!

The most common questions for actors are “How do you remember all those lines?” and “How did you make that quick costume change?”  and even “How did you do that love scene when you hate that guy?”  In the answers are the tools that actors and other creatives use everyday, to get difficult jobs done, work efficiently, and be part of a successful team.  This informative and fun session will bring you an insider’s look at those  tools,  providing you with with tips for fresh ways to approach challenging tasks, for improving your own productivity,  and for working better with your co-workers.  A unique way to tap into the performer’s skill set, and bring the tools of the rehearsal hall into your workspace.

Productivity Lessons from a Theater-Maker 

How ‘creatives’ approach big tasks, efficiency, and teamwork

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Why “listening” matters for Diversity and Inclusion

Bring your team a unique and engaging way to explore a conversation supporting diversity and inclusion.  The springboard is the beautiful world of Jazz. Using both its history and the music of Jazz, we provide a powerful new perspective on “best practices” and “healthy discussions” that are necessary for keeping the workplace inclusive and respectful of all.  Includes participatory activities that build awareness of some less-recognized nuances of stereotyping, and provides tools, and encouragement for continued growth.

Augmenting the Conversation

Find Your Public-Speaking Super-Power!

Carolyn has been a professional theatre-maker for 35 years, and is an award-winning performer, playwright, director, and a soft-skills expert.  She is an entrepreneur, who has also worked in both the corporate and government sectors. In every setting, she perfects the art of making sure "the message you send is the message you intend".

Five key things you can do to make your presentations  soar!

Did you stumble through that intro you gave at the appreciation dinner? Are you terrified about making that high-stakes pitch? Will everyone fall asleep when you lead the staff meeting? There is no need to confuse, fear, or bore your audience any longer. Join us to get your Public-Speaking Super-Power! Even better: You can have all 5! Theater Craft’s Carolyn German will empower you with insights to make your presentation skills soar. (No worries: You will actually stay on the ground, ready for the next public-speaking gig!)