Theater Craft, Inc has been in business since 1995 as a source for a wide range of theater-arts needs.  We produce professional theater, including fully-staged productions, play readings, workshops of new works, and  intimate cabaret.  And.........

We are currently the exclusive publisher of works by Carolyn German. Through our publishing division you can apply for performance rights  for the audience- favorite “The Story Builders” , the eclectic  “Mosiac” , or “Signs of a New Day: The Z. Alexander Looby Story” or other new plays written by Carolyn German.  A new musical will also soon be available.

We are proud to offer several touring shows to delight your audiences,

including,  Colors of Jazz , and The Spontanteous Comedy Company.

Songs that are more mainstream or country or pop, written by our own Carolyn German.  Hear some of her favorites, as well as ours.....

Another new aspect for us is the chance to work with and offer sheet music to some new songs right here on our website.  We have started with just a few titles, but we are on track to add more, so continue to check back for updates to this page.  We know vocalists are always looking for new material, and this seems like the best way to get some exciting, original work out there!  Most selections will have a demo, a sample of the sheet music, and info about the tune.   And we will have a few links to singers’ performances of the tune for you to enjoy as well! 

A theater professional for over 30 years, Carolyn German has built a reputation as a powerful performer, a savvy director, an award-winning playwright, and a go-to producer.   On this page you can also find out about her latest projects and productions, and sometimes get a sneak peak at rehearsals, demo sessions, and writers sessions.

We are happy to now connect with a great team of professionals to offer  you creative  solutions

for a wide range of projects.  Based in Nashville,  our creative team offers:

custom scripting, theatrical direction, audition and performance coaching,

tailor-made corporate performances, cabaret performance coaching and patter, and more...


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Theater Craft’s premiere production of Carolyn German’s award-winning “The Story Builders, for Tennessee Performing Arts Center’ s TPAC Education.  Starring Nan Gurley and Brian Webb Russell , Set Design by Paul Gatrell.  Photo Rob Stack

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